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  • The Kansas Supreme Court issued the following published decisions January 29, 2021

The Kansas Supreme Court issued the following published decisions January 29, 2021

01 Feb 2021 11:43 AM | Amanda Kohlman (Administrator)

Appeal No. 120,017: State of Kansas v. Ronald D. Morley

Archived oral argument video

The Kansas Supreme Court affirmed a Court of Appeals decision reversing Shawnee County District Court's ruling Morley was entitled to a dispositional departure to probation from a presumptive sentence of imprisonment. Morley was found guilty of securities fraud and acting as an unregistered issuer agent in connection with a high-risk investment scheme that cost four Kansas investors $845,900 in combined losses. In a unanimous opinion written by Justice Dan Biles, the Supreme Court agreed with the Court of Appeals the district court abused its discretion when finding Morley's no contest plea and his voluntary agreement to pay statutorily imposed restitution together constituted a substantial and compelling reason to depart.

Appeal Nos. 120,747 and 121,048: State of Kansas v. Thomas C. Griffin II

Summary calendar; no oral argument 

The Kansas Supreme Court upheld Griffin's conviction for methamphetamine possession, which he challenged on the grounds he was not brought to trial quickly enough. Shortly after the State charged Griffin, he began serving an earlier sentence in a Department of Corrections facility. Griffin sought to expedite the trial of the methamphetamine possession case under the Kansas Uniform Disposition of Detainers Act, which generally requires a trial to occur within 180 days after the court receives an incarcerated defendant's request to expedite and a certificate from the Secretary of Corrections containing information about the incarceration. In a unanimous decision written by Justice Dan Biles, the court held Griffin failed to demonstrate the trial occurred too late when he claimed the time limit elapsed 180 days from his request, rather than the later date on which the Secretary of Corrections' certificate was received.

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